Change in Mind

Meditation is easy, enjoyable and immediately beneficial. A time to be aware of your body sensations, thoughts and feelings in a self-accepting way without judgement. I have a daily practice of meditation when I sit in complete silence, true meditation is the cessation of all thoughts, likened to a blank slate. It is being at peace with who you are, and what you do, but I appreciate that stepping stones to reaching that point are often helpful.

Mindfulness practice helps us to see more clearly the patterns of the mind and teaches us to stay in the present moment.

Meditation is a powerful tool that offers a reprieve from a busy world. Just a few minutes every day in silence watching your breath. Meditation is a term given to numerous practices designed to bring harmonious control of the physical self and the mind. Meditative practices vary widely according to the discipline from which they derived, however focusing on the flow of breathing in a context of active contemplation is a central meditative method.


I host occasional meetings to discuss non-duality, for sharing and enjoyment.

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